Renovations & Repairs

Renovations & Repairs

Can vinyl decking be repaired?

Yes, if you tear your vinyl, seams have given out, or PVC clips falling off, give us a call and get your deck fixed up to extend its life. Since water can enter even the smallest of holes, it is best to act quickly.

Regardless of whether your deck is made of wood or vinyl, you may still have an outdoor space that is old, outdated or simply needs a little TLC. We offer seam repairs, patches, extensions, and general waterproofing.

If your outdoor living space needs a makeover or just a bit of patching, Sublime Sundecks offers repairs for all residential or commercial properties including:

  • Decks
  • Porches
  • Railings
  • Outdoor Living Spaces

Because the membrane is a single piece, it needs to be fixed if it gets damaged. If your vinyl decking needs repairing, we can fix it in several ways and get it looking great again quickly.

Vinyl Deck Replacement

We can replace your vinyl decking without replacing the plywood if your deck hasn’t been leaking long. Even if your deck has been leaking for some time, usually a few plywood patches are all that are necessary to install new vinyl.